Why NL Organics?

At NL Organics, our mission is not only to provide you with all-natural hair care oil, but also to join you along your exciting new hair care journey. The goal is to help both men and women of all ages feel confident in their hair by helping them achieve their hair goals. We provide our customers with the best hair care tips and an all natural hair oil to hydrate and maintain a healthy hair regimen. If you suffer from dry scalp, eczema, psoriasis, thinning edges, or the like, then NL Organics has the right product for you!

We were featured by Youtuber Brown Girl Bella

  • Helps with psoriasis!

    "I was recently diagnosed with psoriasis. I suffer from a dry, flaky scalp that itches non stop. I started using this oil and it has helped the inflammation immediately. Now instead of a dry scalp it feels normal! It gave me my scalp health back and now I can start growing healthy, long locks with this growth oil. I love that it uses rosemary oil because it is scientifically proven to promote hair growth. It gets a 10/10!"

  • I love love love NL Organics Hair Oil !!

    "I was so excited to receive my oil .As apart of my hair growth journey, I found that NL Organics hair oil best suits my hair needs as it related to dryness moisture retaining and best of all calms itching down. Especially when my hair is braided! I highly recommend NL Organics hair oil !! Great buy great product great black own business NL Organics future is very bright!"

  • My hair is thicker and softer than it was before

    After using the scalp and hair oil, it made my hair so soft. I noticed within a few days it was also thicker.

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